So, a couple of years ago, I carved a couple of different pumpkins for our daughter, including her beloved Hello Kitty.  These were my first attempts at moving beyond the standard toothy jack o’ lantern face (apologies for the blurriness):

So, this year, our daughter asked me to carve a Snow White pumpkin.  [A quick aside: This was a big year for Snow White.  There were four in her kindergarten class, and tons more at the Disney Halloween event we attended earlier in the week — including three of her friends]

I greatly underestimated the amount of detail that would go into making a realistic pumpkin facsimile of her favorite princess.  Things were going well until I got to the eyes, at which point the pumpkin started looking less like a lovely Snow White and more like an angry skull-face with nice hair.

So, I went with another princess she likes, a much easier to draw and carve princess, who might be a familiar face to gamers:

For our non-gamer friends, this is Princess Peach, the oft-imperiled heroine from the Mario franchise from Nintendo (the paper princess version, to be specific).