Am I even qualified to make such a statement?  And, given the relatively short history of blogging, can there really be an “age-old” dilemma in the blogosphere?  Well, preamble aside…

From time to time, blogs I read will ask the question, “Why do I blog?” or its close cousin, “Why should I blog if no one reads it?” — which itself might be a philosophical relative of “If a tree falls in the forest…”

In any case, I’m not questioning why I blog.  Bruce Reyes-Chow and Eugene Cho have some great summaries about why they blog and, as for me, “Yes, what they said!”  Seriously, I’m grateful that anyone reads at all and I have no pipe dreams of achieving blogospheric greatness.

I think my dilemma relates to the fact that every day — every day — the search term that lands the most people (by far!) here at headsparks is:


The crazy thing is, I don’t even mention that word in the post that gets those hits — I think it’s just a label from one of the photos to which I linked (although, now that I’ve typed it out, I’m probably exacerbating the problem).  I wonder what those people, who might be looking for maniacal flashdance moves or awesome 80s fashion statements, think when they land here.

I guess if I feel like I have something really important to say, I’ll surround it with a couple of paragraphs worth of “flashdance” (which might be a helpful tip to all you bloggers out there looking to drive up traffic to your site).