…So asks the Gap (Product) Red campaign.

While there has been plenty of skepticism about the effectiveness of such movements, I believe there is something positive about at least attempting to make a difference. I might be a little bit skeptical of massive corporations attempting to cash in on our better instincts, but here are a couple of smaller organizations who are raising funds for worthy causes through the sales of t-shirts.

Rosa Loves

The sales of each of their shirts goes to meet the specific needs of real people in local communities around the world. For example, they raised money to buy a new walker for Glenda in West Augustine and a boat for Made in Indonesia. Currently, you could provide scholarships for kids in Bangladesh or college students from the village of Yalalag in Mexico.

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Yellow Bird Project

The Yellow Bird Project embodies what I love about the indie rock ethos — a community coming together to give back. Artists like Stars, The National and Wolf Parade design shirts and direct proceeds to causes closes to their hearts, including well-known organizations like Amnesty International and Greenpeace, along with smaller groups such as Art for Change and Safe Space.

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Charles Lee is a founding member of JustOne, a grassroots nonprofit raising awareness about extreme global poverty and “provoking compassionate ideas and intelligent giving in order to provide sustainable relief.”  Support the cause by picking up one of these stylish One Voice to End Slavery shirts.

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Shirts for a Cure

Fans of the Warped Tour set can also support a worthy cause through shirts:  “The Syrentha J. Savio endowment (SSE) was established by punk-rock photographer Mark Beemer in 2002.  SSE provides financial assistanct to underprivileged women who cannot afford expensive breast cancer medicine and therapy.”