Our Wii has been a source of endless fun for our family — and for our church community, as evidenced by the Wii-nited (Wii+United=Woohoo!) Mario Kart party we had a couple weeks ago.  The graphic is below:

In addition to the fun of Cooking Mama and the Wii Fit (our daughter is surprisingly agile with the ski jump event), now we can add great customer service to our list of reasons why we love our Wii!

We noticed some random pixelation on various games, but didn’t think much of it until a friend mentioned it on theirs as well.  I looked it up on the Wii website and found out that it could be repaired free of charge under the warranty — 15 months instead of just 12.  They said it could take up to 16 business days to repair, but we got ours back in five days!  It looks great… and I’m back on the Mario Kart racetrack!