You know how some people carry around those little tip charts in their pockets? I’m thinking I could hit it big if I could make a pocket-sized “Christian equivalency” chart for people to carry around so they can steer clear of secular territory.  For example, this safety chart might have things like:

  • Mountain Dew t-shirt = “Jesus Meant to Die” t-shirt
  • Altoids = Testamints
  • Scattergories = Bible Scattergories
  • Dance Dance Revolution = Dance Praise Dance Game
  • Hootie and the Blowfish = Third Day, Casting Crows, MercyMe, et al.

…all of this was spurred on by the recent announcement that, for those of us who could not bear the thought of allowing face-melting heathen music like DragonForce or Iron Maiden into our homes but are still itching to play Guitar Hero, relief has finally arrived!

Say hello to Guitar Praise!

Unfortunately, although they do have a Petra song in the track list, I do not see any Stryper.  For real, no To Hell with the Devil or Honestly?  That’s a dealbreaker right there.