George Will was famously quoted for describing football in this way.

Unfortunately, this quote all too often describes my experiences within the church. Not so much outright violence (most of the time) but passive/aggressive power plays, wrangling for authority and that whole lording things over others deal that Jesus talked about.

Forget lofty ideals of Kingdom humility, Christ-like servanthood and mutual submission… I’d be happy these days just being able to take people at their word without having to guess at what they really meant.

* * * * *

Speaking of football, does Brett Favre being traded to the Jets count as part of the Madden curse? It’s really strange seeing Favre as a Jet; stranger still to see the Madden ’09 ads featuring him a a Packer. But EA is sticking to their guns and, apparently, refusing to change the cover to Madden ’09.