A couple of hoorays! for the weekend…

* * * * *

I enjoy stumbling around muxtape — sometimes, it’s the very particular, focused muxtapes (early 90s straightedge, anyone?) while, at other times, it’s the really random ones (?).

I was very happy to find this neat little muxtape search engine — muxseek. Harnessing the power of muxseek, I was able to find a couple of Rodan tracks. Three cheers for Louisville!

* * * * *

I can’t quite decide if I like the minimal blocky design of the muxtape site, but I do enjoy modern, clean and (yes) minimalistic web design.

Vandelay Design has a list of 25 Beautiful Minimalistic Website Designs . A few favorites below, and 25 more here! Look at the size of the fonts on this site, they’re a virtual planetoid with their own weather system!

Also noteworthy, though it might only be temporary, DJ Chuang has also gone with a simple, clean look for his site redesign. Good stuff all around!