I wish I was more literate and/or cultured. Most of the time, my reading consists of ESPN’s Page 2 and the back of the Apple Jacks box in the morning.

These days, however, I have a nice stack of books I’m working through. Here’s what’s on my nightstand these days:

One Church, Many Tribes: Following Jesus the Way God Made You
By Richard Twiss

Richard is an engaging, thought-provoking First Nations follower of Christ. His words resonate deep within me as an Asian American. NPR has been airing a series of stories about the haunting experience many First Nations children had in government-enforced boarding schools.

. . . . .

Missional Church: A Vision for the Sending of the Church in North America
Edited by Darrell Guder

I am finally getting around to sitting down with this seminal work on the missional church. I just missed studying with Guder during my seminary days, but I have been connecting with his work through the Princeton Seminary Bulletin.

. . . . .

True Story: A Christianity Worth Believing In
By James Choung

This book goes far beyond the consumer-oriented individualized Jesus and presents a compelling vision of the Big Story Gospel — how, in Christ, we are sent together to heal the world. Plus, James is scheduled to speak at the National Pastors Convention in 2009!

. . . . .

Surprised by Hope: Rethinking Heaven, the Resurrection & the Mission of the Church, By NT Wright

After hearing Wright at the National Pastors Convention, I’ve been looking forward to reading this book. As someone raised in the “just get to heaven” tradition, Wright’s words on becoming a resurrection community in the here & now are a breath of fresh air.

. . . . .

And, just for good measure, here a couple of titles that are on deck:

One of these days, I’ll get around to reading What is the What? or, maybe, the new David Sedaris book when it comes out this summer…