Bruce Reyes-Chow and the good folks at Mission Bay Community Church have been producing winsome Easter cards for the last couple of years — clever designs that play off some of the cultural misdirections surrounding Easter.

But this year, they declared that all your base are belong to us with their “Wii Jesus” Easter card and, in the process, set off a bit of a firestorm in the gamer world. Posts, podcasts, discussions, rants, threads, flames and comments ranging from bemused curiosity to righteous indignation have made it to sites such as and G4TV. One of my favorite comment threads says:

Well, of course they wouldn’t allow us to play the Wii.

Jesus would win at everything, making it not fun.

Jesus pwns teh newbs.

Other irreverent, but strangely amusing quotes include, Hey, wait a second, Jesus is on my baseball team too! I guess he really is everywhere! and I actually have a Jesus Mii on my Wii. That way, whenever I go into the Everybody Votes channel, I can ask myself “What would Jesus do?”

Next year, maybe it’ll be time for the big helicopter egg drop!