We awoke early this morning to the sound of police and fire sirens. The raging Witch Fire has caused 250,000 San Diego area residents — including our family — to evacuate their homes. Many of our church families live in the direct path of the fire. Quite a few of us have gathered at our church, which is located in Point Loma — close to the ocean. This is one time where I am extremely grateful for the fact that our church is far away.

Please keep San Diego in your prayers. This fire has the potential to be the worst in California’s history. The combination of Santa Ana winds (gusting anywhere from 35 to 70 mph), a ten year drought and extremely low humidity have made this region a tinderbox.

Pray for the brave men & women fighting the blaze on the ground all over this area, for the city, county, state and federal decision makers, and for us here. Our little family is safe, but we could only bring what would fit into our car — some precious photographs, a couple of books and toys for our daughter and some important family paperwork. I know that the single most important thing is that we’re safe, but the prospect of losing everything we have has left a pit in my stomach all morning — and to see the fear in the eyes of our church families is heartbreaking.

Lord, have mercy.

Christ, have mercy.