i really enjoyed reading the irresistible revolution by shane claiborne. well, perhaps enjoyed is the wrong word. i “enjoy” films like tommy boy and big momma’s house, the clearance section at target, unplanned trips to best buy. reading the irresistible revolution was definitely unlike any of those experiences. i often felt a serious sense of discomfort – at the desperate situations shane and his friends encountered and at the realization that serving the poor might mean more than sending a check every month to world vision.

being a nerdy t-shirt collector, i had been meaning to buy a shirt that i once saw with the slogan “love your enemies.” today, i came across this design (to the left). it is being printed as part of a micro-business venture by the good folks at the simple way, a community of which shane is a part. here is a pretty neat story behind the shirt. according to their description, each shirt is “Printed on a recycled, blank t-shirt purchased at a local thriftstore. Colors and brands will vary but all will be good quality.” i think this diy approach is very encouraging as a model for other micro-enterprises – for example, this setup does not require elaborate distribution contracts or large printing facilities, which might be out of reach for many people. plus, it reminds of of the mid-90s diy punk scene, when bands self-released 7″ singles with hand-screens sleeves and printed their shirts on whatever they could buy from the thrift store.

there are other stories like this. perhaps you’ve heard of the folks over at to write love on her arms. they’re also proclaiming a hope beyond our current desperation, that rescue is possible. i love that shirts like this can be more than just an ad for a designer label or another cool band. i was wearing my twloha shirt when i took my family out to eat at the local red robin when one of the waiters asked me about it. he said he had seen lots of people at local concerts wearing the shirts and didn’t know what it was. i explained a bit of the story to him – the hope, rescue and redemption that is possible…

i have a friend in dc who left his very nice job at a law firm to follow his conviction to serve God wholeheartedly. he now works for the millenium challenge corporation, whose work is to build a “new compact for global development…in which development assistance would be provided to those countries that rule justly, invest in their people, and encourage economic freedom.”

love is the movement. may we each discover and dance to the heartbeat of God.