these days, video game soundtracks are a big deal. even the hollywood bowl orchestra features an entire performance of their arrangements of video game music (including zelda, warcraft and mario). the typical soundtrack for a sports game (football, skateboarding, etc.) usually includes some combination of metal, hip-hop and punk. it’s almost always loud and it’s intended to be extreme! you know, because button-mashing is tough work and i nothing helps me gets my game on like that dude in the red hat yelling stuff over hyper-processed guitars!

anyhoo, the soundtrack for major league baseball 2k6 (didn’t we get past naming things this way?) has some very, um, interesting choices. the line-up sounds more like a twee festival in the uk than a testosterone-level-raising rawk fest. the heavy thrashing lineup includes such shredders as belle & sebastian, pavement and yo la tengo. i mean, when i hear the opening strains of “box elder” i know i need to throw that mid-90s sinker! and “big day coming” makes me want to turn that fastball to the opposite field! actually, i think this is a great soundtrack (bear vs. shark, guided by voices, mogwai)… just kind of odd.