although i graduated with a bachelor’s in economics, with a concentration in marketing, i wish i could have studied graphic design. even when i interned at an ad firm in philly, in the research and marketing department, i was always hanging around the design folks.

from a modernist perspective, some of the marketing things i learned can be helpful in building churches (e.g., precise demographic studies, statistics & number crunching, etc.)… but i think the postmodern in me sees the effectiveness of the “i” in leonard sweet’s epic formula (experiential, participatory, image-driven, connected)… as the old cliche goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

graphic design can be something like stained glass windows or church architecture… a visual narrative of our faith, adding sight to the sounds of our songs & sermons. it’s part of why i love passing out t-shirts for church events… it acts as a kind of visual, physical stamp of the life of a church community at a particular moment in time (not to mention that everyone likes free stuff)…

above is a design i made for an upcoming children’s day event for our church. whether by plane, train, or automobile (well, school bus), jesus wants all of his children to come to him. my favorite detail is the guy kickflipping the bus, shredding his way to christ :)