i don’t want to become one of *those* dads, always bragging about their kids and boring everyone with the minutiae of our lives (she chose blue jeans over green corduroys today! baby genius!)…. but i am always delighted to hear her pray.

we’ve always sang a little song as our prayer for meals and she learned another song at the church nursery that she likes to sing before bedtime, but she’s been learning to express many things to God in prayer. it’s amazing how even this two-and-a-half year old can pray for her mom to recover from her weeklong bout with the flu (dear God, help mommy not be sick) and it’s so much fun to hear what she’s thankful for (thank you for the aquarium, and i got to touch a shark – which, incidentally, she did do today!).

tonight, unprompted, she thanked God for saving us. her mom and i have always prayed that she would love God whole-heartedly and i see how He is already answering those prayers.

my daughter, wife and i had a raging dance party tonight in our kitchen. new order’s “best of” provided the soundtrack for our dancing, laughing and dishwashing. so many things for which to give thanks to God….